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Product Information

Our serums are a unique blend of synthetic and natural ingredients and they address the skin care needs of all ages, types and concerns. We use synthetic ingredients that are not only safe but also truly invaluable to a high performing cosmetic.

Our ingredients and products are lab tested and are classified as safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Our products have a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacturing. After the product is opened for use, it should be used as directed within 12 months as mentioned on our product package.

Absolutely not. We take pride in ensuring that no products are ever tested on animals. We only select ingredients from companies who do not test on animals and when we are in the process of developing new products, we only test them out with human volunteers.

With the exception of our pumps all our packaging is recyclable.

We honestly try our best to minimize the use of plastic and use materials that are biodegradable and recyclable. We go through great lengths to try and stay eco friendly.

For example our shipping boxes took us months to design and source all so that we could minimize the use of plastic tape and unnecessary material, ripping open the box however is pretty cool.

Our products are FDA, dermatologically approved and have been used by our entire team. We always recommend a patch test before you start using any new skincare product. At Koko Chemistry, customers are always our first priority. In case your skin reacts to any of the products, please call us on +91-98338-85123 and we will be happy to assist you further and get a better understanding of your concern.

All our products are safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers. They have been approved by dermatologists and are completely safe to be used in your course of pregnancy. However it is always best to consult with your Obstetrician and/or your Dermatologist.

We are happy to inform you that all our products are unisex. We believe skin care is as important for men, as it is for women. 

Koko Chemistry strives at helping our customers pick the right product according to your skin type. We offer a personal consultation to understand your skin type before suggesting the right products. Please feel free to send us an email on and we will respond in 24-48 hours.

Koko Chemistry believes in manufacturing clean products having clean ingredients. All our products are non-greasy to the skin, silicon and paraben free, Non-comedogenic and Vegan. Our products are suitable for oily, combination and even sensitive skin types.

Our serums do not have any added fragrances. They contain high grade essential oils that give our serums a very pleasant fragrance.

It is not necessary to refrigerate the products. You can store them at room temperature but please ensure they are stored away from direct sunlight.

Order Information

We provide free shipping all across India regardless of order size. International shipping rates vary from country to country and depend on the product and the number of products purchased.

Your country may levy customs and import tax on your order. Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.

We offer Net Banking and Online Payment. We also provide the option of Cash on Delivery (COD) at a nominal charge of INR60/-. Please contact our Customer Care Team at +91-98338-85123 or email us at and we would be happy to assist you with any further queries.

First thing to check is your internet connection, try to get on Wi-Fi if possible. Next thing to try is "ClearBrowsing Data", you can find this in your internet browser Settings.Beyond that, please make sure you are picking the correct Payment Option. The"Credit Card" option comes first by default, so if you are using aDebit Card, make sure to tap the "Debit Card" option before entering your information.

If you're having trouble making payment online, please try these steps:

For Android (Chrome):

1. Go to chromeSettings, scroll down to find "Privacy"

2. In Privacy, you'll find "Clear Browsing Data"

3. Make sure theTime Range is set to "All time", then select ALL the boxes, and tap"Clear Data"

For iPhone:

1. Go to your phoneSettings, find "Safari" and tap it

2. Scroll down and find "Clear History and Website Data", tap it.

3. Then tap on"Clear History and Data"

Next step, please make sure you are picking the correct Payment Option. The "Credit Card" option comes first by default, so if you are using a Debit Card, make sure to tap the "DebitCard" option before entering your information.

Finally, to avoid any errors, please enter a valid permanent/physical address without any special characters like ( * , . ( ) “” : ; ‘’ -@ & ) in the address section of the shipment.

As soon as your order is successfully placed, we will send you an email confirming the order. Upon dispatch we will send out another email notifying you that your order has been shipped, in addition to which we will provide you a tracking number. It usually takes us 2-4 business days (Saturday & Sunday not included) to dispatch orders. All orders are shipped from our stockroom in Mumbai through a registered courier company.

Our system is set up to give you an immediate confirmation email, but up to a 5 min delay is normal.If you still didn't receive it, then either you have entered your email incorrectly or your email account may have placed the message in your"Promotion" or "Spam" folders. Another possibility is that your email account has reached its data storage limit, and you need to clear out some messages in order to receive any further emails. If all else fails, please send a message to "" and we'll resend you your confirmation.

Changes or exchanges of orders can be done if and only if the order has not been shipped out yet. Please contact our Customer Care Team at +91-98338-85123 or email us at

If your order has not been shipped out we will assist you in modifying your order with no cost incurred to you.

Since our products are topical, for safety and hygiene purposes, once an order is shipped it cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason, products are not liable for return or exchanges once shipped.

At Koko Chemistry, as a customer you will always be our first priority and we believe our products are inclusive of the shopping experience you have with us. Since all of our products are topical, we unfortunately cannot accept any returns. In case you receive a damaged product, or have an issue with our shipping, then please report to us within 24 hours of receiving your order and we will take care of it. All of our products are very precious and made in small batches. We are confident you’ll love them.


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