Koko Chemistry embodies the very essence of love for skincare. We are an energetic team packed with childlike zeal and an exasperating - almost impatient - desire to develop, learn, and contribute. Our inspiration lies in our passion to create high-quality, potent skincare products that are clean, simple & effective. 

We offer comprehensive skincare solutions that are an amalgamation of natural extracts and proven science. The ingredients we use are globally sourced and combined to create effective formulas that cater to all skin types. Our everyday skincare serums are easy to incorporate into your skin-care routine.

We are committed to develop progressive formulations that remain 100% cruelty-free, sulphate free, paraben free as well as vegan.

Honestly speaking

Let’s keep the truth central in our relationship. We’re taking it slow and steady. We believe in quality over quantity and are taking it one product at a time. You can expect regular product releases, giving you a curated and comprehensive experience. And we promise it’s going to be amazing.

What We Believe

We believe in self-care, and that it spans across gender and race. 

We believe there is beauty in simplicity. Uncomplicated products, effortless regime. 

We believe in integrity and would never push our customers into buying something they don’t need. 

We believe in the body’s innate intelligence and natural healing systems. 

We believe in the results from consistent usage and do not promise overnight miracles. 

We believe that natural and synthetic ingredients have their place under the sun. We take the best of both.  

We believe in creating responsible, safe and quality formulations.

We believe that life should not be wasted. We would never test on animals. 

We believe that a sustainable future starts today and includes sustainable packaging to the extent possible. 

We believe we’re all in this together and respect our suppliers, service partners, and customers. 

We believe knowledge shared is doubled and we will enable you to make better lifelong choices.   

We’re rolling up our sleeves for you

Your first introduction is your skin. The eyes, smile, handshake, clothes… everything comes later. The skin speaks the inner story of who you really are and how you treat yourself. We’re here to help you speak it well. Own your story.

Let’s start off as a blind date. Try our products. We could end up in a lifelong affair.